Tuesday, July 15, 2008

30 Days

If you have never seen the show 30 Days on FX show, at least watch one. You will most likely cry. Usually they take a person who has a solid viewpoint on something (say gay adoption) and they send them to live with a family who is a part of the opposing view (a set of gay adoptive parents and their children). They give it 30 days, with some rules and you see what happens. I have seen complete changes, some where their heart lightened up a little, and some who did not change at all. But each episode is always interesting and you nonetheless learn something about someone else. I think this show has taught me to be kinder and more accepting towards people that I may have disregarded their views, like people from PETA, gay parents, native americans, etc. My favorite of these episodes are when the creator Morgan Spurlock (from Super Size Me) goes to live somewhere for 30 days. I find these more touching because he is such an open guy. He just did one on the Navajo Indians that was amazing and one where him and his wife lived at the poverty level.

Lately reality TV is SO bad. I mean Celebrity Circus and Tila Tequila, is that the future of TV for my children? Shows that teach you nothing? Watching 30 Days actually affects me and I always take something from it. And if it makes me a kinder, more tolerant person to different positions on important topics. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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