Saturday, December 24, 2011

little things

These were the kids gifts to their family this year. Snow globes filled with glitter, a hand cut tree, and a snowman. I got the idea here and just used small mason jars and added a snowman. So easy to do and they were fun to make together.

My wrapping this year. Apparently everyone bought all of the Kraft paper rolls, so I used old white paper I had. I did the names with stamps, and finished with gold and silver yarn. So simple.

We had so much fun decorating ginger bread houses this year (thanks to our Christmas Angels). Everyone got involved and it was messy but so fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Not only was this cake delicious (can you say Gingerbread Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting, yummm) but it was given to me on this beautiful cake stand that I got as a present. Hello! Best present ever. What a beautiful and personal gift to take over to someone's home. I wish I would have thought of it. I am definitely going to give gifts like this in the future. Thanks L!

Monday, December 19, 2011

enjoying the holidays

Happy Monday! 

This weekend the kids and I did a little crafting for gifts. They always make something for their grandparents and their aunts/uncles. 

I will show you the finished product later this week. We had fun doing it!

We have a busy week ahead of us full of holiday celebrations. We even have a babysitter one night this week for the first time ever! Our family has always babysat for us, but we knew it was time to find someone outside of our family so that the kids could have the whole babysitter experience. I am really excited. Maybe this means more date nights in the future?

And to catch you up, here are the 12 Days of Christmas from our Christmas Angels that you missed!

Three French Hens

 Four Calling Birds

Five Golden Rings

Eventually I will go into more detail with what each day entailed so that you can see how amazing it is (highlight of my day)! 

And currently, Alabaster Snowball is waiting for the kids to wake up and discover him. Here is what he is doing:

Yes, we are enjoying the holidays. Every single moment.



Friday, December 16, 2011

snow (hail)

It snowed (hailed) last night! So exciting. Somehow we got caught in this crazy 30 minutes storm that had lightening, thunder, rain, and hail. We live near the beach in Southern California, we do not get hail often. But this hail, it was like snow. I would call it snow, but people would be mad at me. We were singing carols at a Senior Home and when we looked out the window, it looked like blankets of snow everywhere. In fact, I told the kids I have lived here my whole life and have never experienced anything like it. I think that Senior home was right in the smack dab of the storm because as we drove home, there was no snow (hail). Luckily it stayed in the bed of Daddy's truck and the windshields of mine the whole way home, so we plopped in on our grass and had fun. 

Did I mention we also got to see this gorgeous rainbow on Monday? We followed it until the end.

I love life.

things that make me laugh

My friends let their daughters pick out their clothes every day. I do not, not because I don't think it's a good idea, but because it just won't work for us. In our home the rule is that when we are home, she can wear whatever she wants. But, when it's time to go, Mommy puts her in something else.

Here is why. My daughter is obsessed with this one pair of jean shorts. She wears them every single day. I will find her (like I did today) digging in the dirty clothes saying, "YES!" when she finds them. It can be raining, freezing, or whatever and the only thing she wants are those shorts. Also, notice the rest of the outfit in this picture. She picked out clear high heels with white socks, her short shorts, a vest, a very bling necklace, a hat to cover her eyes, a purse for all of her junk, and some nappy hair. I'm afraid my daughter is going to dress a little, how do I say this, okay I can't say it, but you know. It looks much cuter in this picture than it did in person, so that helps me with my anxiety of watching her dress herself as a teenager.

I love girls.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

day 2 - 2 turtle doves

My Secret Christmas Angels delivered Day 2! I am LOVING this. Whomever is doing this will have a special place in my heart forever. It's so fun. I feel so lucky.

I wonder who it is......hmmmmmmm. Here is what I am guessing about them so far:
1. They shop at Trader Joe's (everything on Day 1 was from there, even the pears).
2. They are a Christian (all the fun cards explaining that day also have the Christian reference to each day on the back).
3. They like to draw a heart when they sign their name
4. They must have lots of ribbons, bags, and tissue paper at home already.

I can't wait to keep sharing all of the fun surprises with you!



another yum

I made these S'more Cookie Bars for a cookie exchange and I am in love with them. Beware, they are super sweet and messy (which really is the best part). They were so easy to make, you can get the directions here. Make sure you let them cool COMPLETELY or else you will have a big, extra gooey mess. Addicting and delicious!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how did i get so lucky?

Apparently last night I got hit by Christmas Angels. There was a beautiful basket outside my door telling me that for the next 12 days angels will drop by holiday cheer.  Tonight was A Partridge in a Pear Tree and in it was all kinds of goodies to make a Pear Crisp Crumble. On the back of the cards were facts about the day and how they relate to Christian Faith. Hello I am in heaven, although the suspense is already killing me! Will my angels be revealed? I feel like a small child right now. How did I get so lucky? 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

turning two

Do you remember this post? Originally we had planned on having a small party for my two-year old's birthday, but it didn't quite work out. I did however still want to do a little decorating so I found some Sesame Street fabric online and made him some bunting. I draped it in the kitchen for his birthday, and now I think I will hang it in his room! I love reusing things.

I also had seen this tutorial online and knew I wanted to make him a simple blanket. It was pretty easy and turned out well enough.

I bought some simple Sesame Street cupcakes in hopes that he would want to blow out the candle, but no such luck :)

In the end though, he was a very happy boy. Happy Birthday to my big two year old.

Monday, December 12, 2011

peace - joy - love

Looking down at this tree every night, reminds me what the holidays are all about. 

Peace, joy, and love.

It's time for me to start our Christmas cards, wrap presents that are hidden away, and get those 
last minute errands done. 

Come back tomorrow so I can show you our very sweet and low key birthday for my now two-year-old.

Friday, December 9, 2011

happy friday

This week has been insane. I am sorry I haven't posted. Enjoy our elf ziplining and I promise to be back next week for lots of good posts!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

elf updates

Here are some more pics of our Elf on the Shelf! Days 2-4. Here is what  Day 1 looked like, in case you forgot.

Day 2
Suspended from the ceiling, with crayon in hand. Left a message on the wall
 that said, "Merry Christmas, from Alabaster Snowball."

Day 3
Sitting at the top of the Christmas tree with a bowl of popcorn and the remote
control. He surprised the kids with the movie Prep & Landing (our favorite)
and was watching it all night long.

Day 4
Flew in on Brody's toy airplane, with some Hershey Kisses for all.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

books from last night

(note: in attempt to read every book in our beautiful library and to stray away from 
reading the same books all of the time, I am posting the books we read every night).

he's here!!!!

Alabaster Snowball, our Elf came last night!  He's riding the reindeer on the mantle and left some dominos behind that say HI. My hubby is in charge of the elf this year. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. There are a lot of ideas here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

esther's favorite things

I am always excited to have a guest post from someone fabulous! Introducing Esther Kim, owner of Blu Button Boutique in Long Beach, California. Blu Button is a vintage-inspired women's boutique featuring new clothing, shoes and accessories with a retro flair. You should read the Yelp reviews, so many praises.

So, without further ado, please enjoy these favorites on Esther's Top Ten list!

I literally CANNOT live without this...

The perfect shade to mix with any other hue as well as to quickly add a hint of color to bare lips.

Vintage inspired women's clothing that doesn't break the bank. Perfect for those who love fun, feminine dresses and coats with whimsical details. Available at Blu Button boutique (I was a fan before I ordered the line for my store but would only find their clothing elsewhere such as New York and Chicago).

Shoes for the girl who likes a vintage flair with contemporary elements. They're unique, comfortable and evoke the romantic styles of the past. Available at Blu Button boutique (also, purchased a few pairs in years past for my personal wardrobe before carrying the brand at my store).

5. Vintage jewelry 
I prefer old antique jewelry because, first of all, no one will have the same thing, secondly, the craftsmanship back in the day is usually better than it is now, and third, the pieces look as though they have a story to tell. I'm always on the hunt, whether it's at a flea market or vintage store. I've also received family heirlooms as well as costume jewelry from friend's grandmothers that I mean so much to me.

It can be slight challenge at first because of the uncertainty on how to manuever it. But once you see the way your hair looks and notice how long the curls hold, you'll surely forget about the minor hassles! This was gifted to me and anytime a friend inquires about it I let them borrow it so they can try it out!

This refreshing red wine has the perfect amount of sweetness and bubbles. Served chilled, it is a hit with all the women at any gathering.

I constantly crave the fresh food from this restaurant and it doesn't help that I work a few doors down. A hip version of the standard Vietnamese place, Number Nine has many vegetarian options as well as unique bottled beers and mixed beverages. When it's cold I go straight for the vegetarian pho (rice noodle soup) and if it's warm outside I order the bun (cold vermicelli rice noodles) with five spice chicken with eggroll.

I'm in love with my sink. Handmade in England, this heavy duty beauty is worth the pretty penny. In a kitchen that's been a pathetic work in progress for two years, my sink makes it all better.

It never ceases to amaze me how many clever little tips I get from this magazine...not including the endless decor inspiration, DIY ideas and how-to instructions. Lots of tear sheets came out of here.

Esther Kim

Blu Button
2112 E. 4th St.
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 433-8782

* Read about Blu Button on Yelp

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Look what I got in the mail! Jamie at Sophie Grace Maui sent me this gorgeous necklace. My business logo is a nest with three eggs and so she incorporated that into this design. Jamie makes the most beautiful jewelry. Seriously. You need to follow her on Facebook so you can see all her creations, and sometimes she posts special deals.