Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kathryn's Favorite Things- Guest Blog

Hi all! I'm so glad Amanda asked me to stop by today. Because my blog, Snippet & Ink, is almost entirely about weddings, I don't usually have a chance to share things that I love outside the wedding world. There is so much beautiful, delicious, clever, brilliant, etc. stuff out there, that it was tough to choose just a few of my favorites, but here are the ones I did pick, in no particular order...

1. My Cartier Tank watch

I've always wanted one of these classic watches, but never thought I'd get to own one! This was a gift from my mom who found it on eBay for only $200. It still has the original band which is totally worn and I love it.

2. Angie's Kettle Corn

You know those samples they have out sometimes at Whole Foods? Well I tried some of this tasty kettle corn last time I was there and now I'm hooked. If no one was watching I could easily eat an entire bag by myself.

3. Thonet bentwood chairs

I want my kitchen table to be surrounded by these simple yet beautiful chairs. And if I can't afford a whole kitchen table's worth, then I'll settle for one really special one in my bedroom or living room.

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Books have always been one of my favorite things and there are so many that I love, but Lolita is still my favorite. It is brilliant and horrifying and beautiful all at once, and I could happily read it again and again.

5. Gleena dessert plates

I would love to serve dessert on these paper-thin porcelain plates. Their delicate simplicity would work equally well at a casual outdoor dinner and a more formal get-together, and I think ice cream would taste even better eaten off one of them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pirate's Booty

Since I mentioned Pirate's Booty in my post below I thought it's time to post about it! Please say you all have had Pirate's Booty before. I love it. It's a great popcorn-like snack for kids (and adults). I never feel guilty eating it and it tastes great. Plus for little ones it's like eating popcorn without the kernel. If you haven't tried it, please do!

PBK Food Storage Containers

I'm excited about these little food storage containers I bought at Pottery Barn Kids for Brody. We take snacks every where we go and I only have our regular tupperware. I'm trying to get away from using ziploc bags so when I found these containers I was ecstatic. I LOVE the little square ones because they are perfect size for some Sodium-Free Goldfish or maybe some Pirates Booty. I bought 3 in blue and 3 in purple (for Piper). I think I will go back and get some more in other sizes (I better hurry before the 1st, please see new blog for explanation)!

Definitely a favorite thing.....

....seeing a women achieve something previously unthought of..... congratulations to Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. Maybe the world wasn't ready for a woman President, but a Vice President, I can get behind that! I think having a strong woman, a mother and a leader as VP is something that can make a difference. Whether or not you will vote for McCain, I think we can be proud to see a woman on the ticket (and of course and African American too). Anyhow this is my favorite thing today and yes I cried watching her speak and seeing her daughter cry because she was so proud. And by the way...she has a daughter named Piper!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love for Nie

I have spent the last 30 minutes checking out all the auctions being held and crying at the amount of money people are bidding to go towards the family. It makes me happy to know that there is so much goodness in people to help strangers in need. My heart breaks for the Nie's families and what they must be going through right now, but my prayers are with them all. Last week Christian and Stephanie Nielson were in a very serious plane crash. They are a young couple with four children under the age of six. They are in critical condition. Stephanie has third degree burns covering 80% of her body and Christian has third degree burns over 30% of his body. The recovery will be very long and very expensive.

If you are able, please consider contributing to this fund that will go directly to the family.

Today, several websites are auctioning off items for their benefit. Go to Design Mom's blog to see the comprehensive list.

Updates about Stephanie and Christian here.

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
How can I not love something that may be free...especially if you know about my new blog "No Shopping for 30 Days!" You need to see this blog, she makes beautiful childrens outfits and gives them away. I wish she was my neighbor and I could borrow them all for a day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Experiment!

Ok so I have a new blog, well it's an experiment really and I am excited about it! It's going to be hard, funny and an interesting experience to say the least. Check it out here

MOO MiniCards

I am so excited about the MOO mini cards I just ordered for my new graphic design business! My sister Whitney has these for her photography business and I loved them. They are about half the size of a business card and I think they are so much more fun to hand out. I'll be waiting by the mailbox for them to come, my logo will be on the front and all my info on the back. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here to get more info about the MOO minicards. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Memo to Mommy (and Daddy)

Another find in the September issue of Parents Magazine (pg 68)! These are words of wisdom (from your kid to you). I just loved some of these, not only because they are true but because sometimes we treat our little ones as if they were adults and forget they are just kids! Here they are:

"Be patient. I do everything for a reason, but I don't know enough words yet to give you an explanation."

"Love me, even when I'm naughty. I'll only be this age once."

"Let me do it. I know you can do it faster and better, but sometimes experience is the best teacher."

"Don't expect too much of me. I want to do what you ask and make you happy, but I'm still little."

"Don't try and reason with me when I'm having a tantrum. Trust me- I can't hear you over my own screaming."

"Keep your promises. It's all about trust. When I'm a teenager, you'll understand why it's so important."

"Don't let me think that you're perfect. I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one who makes mistakes sometimes."

"Set limits. I can't actually eat a whole box of cookies- I just want to see if I'd get away with it."

"Don't keep asking me if I've been good. I'm not even sure what that means, but if I was bad I'd never admit it!"

"Stop freaking out about the mess! There's always time to clean- but how often do we get to make mud pies?"

Mary's Favorite Things- Guest Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Mary, and Amanda has asked me to share a few of my favorite things with you today. It's a bit of a departure from the slices of my life that I share at my blog, South End Blend, so I'm happily here to do just that.

I gave this post quite a bit of thought. Because, frankly, choosing my favorite of anything is a tough task. I'm constantly inspired, I love a lot, and there's just so darn much that's covetable. Here are four of my of-the-moment loves:

1. The Madeline Weinrib 'Emma' rug is my dream come true: pair red and crisp white with a classic yet of-the-minute pattern and you're mine, all mine. Well, not technically...unfortunately, this beauty will run me a pretty penny, so for now I worship it from afar (and, in the meantime, search high and low for a suitable knockoff.)

2. I'm a sucker for letters. And the color turquoise. This letter S (the initial of my last name) from Urban Outfitters fits both those bills, and would look great as a part of the little vignettes that I'm always mixing and matching and creating in corners of my home.

3. There's nothing like fall in New England, and I love it. Especially because its the perfect season to wear boots. Frye boots are sexy with a down home edge, and this fall I'm determined to invest in a pair. The 'Vicki Campus' suit me to a T: they're tall, feminine, and timeless.

4. My Nikon D40 camera is my constant companion. My budding interest in photography and capturing the simple beauty around me prodded me to invest in something a notch above a simple point-and-shoot, and I'm so happy I did. I'm still learning all her bells and whistles and features, but so far, we're getting along super well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lunch is Served

I can't believe it's back-to-school time already. I'm getting ready to send my son to preschool for the very first time! So when I read the September issue of Parents Magazine I got excited to see the multiple page spread of different lunch box ideas. They are all healthy and heck some of these would make great dinner ideas or lunch ideas for me! I know we all get in the rut of giving our kids the same few things and these look so fun, colorful and tasty. Plus I love the lunch trays they are in, anyone know where to get them? If you want to check out the webpage version that tells everything in them click here. Happy back-to-school!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

JibJab Sendable Cards

Ok so this post is a shout out to my neighbors the Howorths, who sent an extremely funny birthday card to our friend Lauren. It was from JibJab and I died laughing seeing the four of their faces square dancing on animated bodies!! There are a bunch of different cards to choose from, but you basically upload pictures and with some editing you put your faces on the bodies. You have to see it to get it, but it is addicting to say the least! And some are free so you can have fun, or you can subscribe for the year and send them out all the time. To check out one I did of me and my husband Mark, see below!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop!

The first time I saw the 100 calorie popcorn mini bags was on last season's Biggest Loser. I went to the grocery store, but I couldn't find them. Well I forgot about them and then bumped into them at the grocery store on Sunday. I bought the kettle korn flavor, and tonight Brody and I devoured a mini bag as a snack (and yes a mini bag is still enough to share). I have been told not to buy into the whole 100 calorie phase, mostly because it's all processed with extra chemicals. But this is popcorn, which is a great snack anyways so I didn't hesitate. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top 5 Design Favorites - Guest Blog

Hello! My name is Julie and I'm thrilled that Amanda has asked me to Guest Post on her blog. I'm an interior designer with a crazy passion for design. I thought I'd share with you my current top 5 favorite design items. It was tough to narrow down my choices, but I hope you enjoy the ones that made the final cut!

1) The Cary Buffet by Shine Home. I just adore this piece of furniture! The whimsical white detail really pops against the chartreuse background and I love the unique leg style.

2) Jackson Trays from Pottery Barn. These trays are crafted from espresso-finished hardwood and blackened metal handles. They're perfect for stacking magazines, serving drinks or displaying fruit, such as green apples or bright yellow lemons.

3) New from West Elm, the Applique SemiCircle Pillow Cover. Available in copper or steel blue, these pillows are beautiful, unique and sophisticated.

4) Also new from West Elm, the Globe Lamp. These funky lamps are available with a ceramic or silver glass base and the overall lamp measures 49.5"high! Talk about making an impact in your space!

5) Add a punch of color and pattern to your walls with Paul Thomas Wall Canvases. Each hand-painted canvas measures 20 x 20 and comes ready to hang. Hang alone or group together to create a bold statement!

A big thank you to Amanda for inviting me to share! If you have a moment, I'd love for you to visit my blog, belle maison.


Saturday, August 16, 2008


I  just finished reading the new issue of People magazine and there is a quote that I want to share from Elizabeth Edwards. 

"It's not just when you're onstage with bright lights on you. It's in your kitchen and carpool and office, all of those places, that the value of your life is measured."

This quote just stuck to me, so I wrote it down on a subscription card to keep. To think about how the value of our life is measured is mind-boggling to me. Maybe this quote put me in check because I like those so-called "bright lights." I always think that my life is measured by how big I do things, not really all that I do. Elizabeth is saying that our value is a total of all our life's work, even the small things like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just the way your son likes it. I guess when someone is faced with a terminal disease, they see things more clearly then others. Thank you Elizabeth Edwards for opening my eyes today. I am going to keep this close to my heart.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Children's Books

I love this book A Boy and His Bunny. It's a fun read for little kids. The author also has the book The Juggling Pug, which is another favorite....mainly because it mentions how he "poops on the rug," which makes any 3 year old laugh! Thanks to Grandpa Steve for discovering these!

 You should check them out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Soaps

These are a family favorite. If you are in our family it is mandatory that you have these in your guest bathrooms and kitchen. They smell delicious, feel great on your hands and look good. My husband hates that I love these because, after all, you can buy soap pretty cheap. But they are a must have and they last a long time. They run $12.50 for hand soap, $12.50 for the lotion and $10 for the dish soap. They come in lots of different scents like Lemon Parsley and Ruby Grapefruit Ylang Ylang and they are friendly to our environment and made in the USA. These are great to give as game gifts for showers too. Click here to get more info. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bicycle Style- Guest Blog

Hello and thanks to Amanda for asking me to Guest Post. If you've ever read my blog, you know I dream of owning a cute bicycle. Today I'll share just three of my favorites.

1. Jorg and Olif: This Canadian company has the spiffiest marketing and I'll admit that's what first got me sucked into the brand. But I've seen their bicycles in real life and their beautiful. I like both the Scout and the Original designs. Jorg and Olif also sells fantastic accessories.

2. Skeppshult: I tend to like anything Swedish and these bicycles are no exception. I love the leather seats and simple lines.

3. Schwinn: Great classic style and a perfect price on the Sid and Nancy Schwinn bicycles.



Friday, August 8, 2008


Why do I love the Olympics? For me it's a time to watch people achieve goals that they have been working their whole lives for. I mean we get to watch people live out their dreams and for me I always have tears of joy for them. I love the greatness of it all and the patriotism. It comes at a great time when so many of us are struggling in this economy, it's something to distract us and give us hope and inspiration. Personally I am really excited to watch gymnastics and swimming. I'm getting my DVR ready as soon as I finish writing this! I think we should all get a little lost in it for the next 16 days! Click here to see the schedule.

A New Life

My life and most importantly, my body have gone through a lot of changes lately and for the better! After having Piper 4 months ago, I knew that it was time to take charge of my health, something I had been postponing for awhile. At 28, it's not like I was obese, yet I was overweight pre-baby. And, our eating habits were, well, eat a lot and enjoy it! Which is fun, but was taking its toll. I think that a big realization came when I would grocery shop and I would never buy anything from the fresh vegetable section, only frozen. Now we buy lots and lots of colorful vegetables! And we still eat treats, but in moderation. Plus it makes a scoop of ice cream more fun, and now we share a lot more instead of getting our own. Frozen yogurt is always a life saver for that sweet tooth and with kiwi and a some brownie bites I am totally satisfied!

Today after pilates, I took the long way home and was inspired to post the things that inspire me to get my family and myself healthier. Some things have been posted before but it's ok to duplicate right? So here they are!

This show planted the seed in my mind that it was time to change. I encourage everyone to watch it, it's inspiring and uplifting, and it's also educational. I learned to NEVER get a shake at fast food restaurants anymore, they are the worst thing on the list! I cannot wait until the next season of this show starts again. I am now 13 pounds below my pre baby weight and I hope more can come off!

This book made our healthy eating take off! It taught me about portions and made me pay attention to all the calories, fat, fiber, etc. in every meal. Plus the recipes are super easy and got me back into cooking and learning what ingredients to buy. I have moved on from this book for the most part but still make some recipes like the tacos and taco salad. I also signed up online for her weekly emails, which are awesome!

I swear that pilates has totally transformed my body. Now my body is in a shape I have never seen before and I love it! I feel leaner and I like how I look in my clothes. I really love pilates and I feel thankful that I am able to do it and that I have a great instructor. 

This is the cookbook I am into now. We have made some good recipes from here. I love it because every recipe has the nutritional contents. I will never buy a cookbook again that does not have all the serving size and nutritional contents in it!

And lastly, I love where we live! Ladera Ranch helps keep us healthy. We love to go on family walks on the trails around our house. Or we walk up to get breakfast on the weekend! We are so fortunate to be here in a place that not only is all about community, but about being outdoors!

I hope that perhaps this post can inspire you to strive for a healthier life. I know that I am still in the learning phase, but by taking tiny steps and finding what works for you, it is possible to get healthier in ways you never imagined. Be fearless and try it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I just finished watching this movie. If you haven't seen it or heard about it, it's about Jean-Dominique Bauby, the editor-in-chief of French Elle Magazine, who at 43 had a stroke. He became almost completely paralyzed and had locked-in syndrome where he could only communicate by blinking his left eye. He used that to write his memoir (which I intend to read). So yes the story is true and even though the movie may seem slow to some, I found it beautiful and inspirational. It took him a little over a year to write the memoir. He was a self-confessed playboy who realized he didn't spend his time doing what mattered, such as loving his kids. Wow, if he can write a poignant memoir by blinking one eye, what am I waiting for to achieve my goals? Every day is a gift and this movie continues to keep that at the top of my mind. To get more info on the movie click here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Vegetable Chopper

We use this vegetable chopper from Williams-Sonoma almost every day. Not only does it slice and dice vegetables, but the compartment also measures everything for you! And it's dishwasher safe. It was well worth the $29.95 we paid for it. To see it online click here.

Guest Blogger- Whitney Hartmann

Thanks Amanda for inviting me to be your first Guest Blogger. I think you'll find my entry more than appropriate because it is all about Blogs!

I am not a huge blogger. I have a blog for my business, and I post photographs every so often, but I love searching through blogs. Most of them have blogrolls, or list of blogs, on their sidebars, so once you find a good one you can click through all of their favorites as well. I am always sending Amanda links of my favorite new blogs that I like. I am a terrible online surfer, so blogs are a perfect way for me to catch up on the latest trends and be inspired by artists, photographers, crafters, other moms just like me, or just to catch up with some family bloggers.

So without further ado, here is a list of my latest favorite blogs, Amanda's excluded. Mark them as your favs, add them to your blogroll. You'll want to checkback for new great inspirations everyday.

Finally, if you want to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog for your self, I highly recommend it. It is a great outlet for your creative juices, or just a wonderful way to stay in touch. Here is a list of places you can get a blog for free.

My favorite...
or if you have a mac, sign up for an imac account and start your own mini site.

Happy Blogging!!!

Whitney Hartmann

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

If you are a family who lives in Orange County or San Diego, you should definitely get a zoo membership to the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park. Mark and I have been renewing it every year since we got married and we love it. For only $89 a year you can get a dual membership for two adults in a household and it's good for both parks. Kids memberships range from $24-$28, starting at 3 years old. Right now the Family of Four Special Membership is only $127! And with memberships you get some free guest passes and the Zoonooz magazine every month. We love walking either park and since we go so often we love to get there right when it opens, stay for a few hours and then we head home when it gets crowded. I think the best part is knowing that your membership money goes straight to the zoo and its conservation efforts. To go to the zoo website click here!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Bling Binky Clip

I love our Baby Bling Binky Clip for Piper! Not only is it cute, but it's very delicate and not bulky like some of the other clips. Only problem is that I got mine in white so it's pretty dirty. I'm ready to order a new one and I'll make sure the ribbon is colored this time! These make great gifts too at $20. I bought mine at Hush Baby in Ladera, but I found them online at Pink Taffy Designs too. They have lots of options and some are decorated with things like a cupcake. So cute.