Saturday, May 31, 2008

Post Secret

A lot of you may already know Post Secret, but if you don't you need to check it out at Basically this guy Frank has had this blog for awhile now and people send in their secrets to him on a postcard. Every Sunday he posts some of the new secrets that he gets. He has a bunch of books out that have the secrets in them and people across the world visit the website. It's pretty amazing. I have been clicking in every Sunday for about a year or so to see the weekly new secrets and I still keep doing it. I have never sent in my own secret....yet. But, I guess this is my secret...that I love Post Secret. Bet you didn't know that.

O'Coco's Snacks and More

Today's entry is dedicated to my friend Eva who just had a baby girl but still found time to share some of her favorites with me. She is environmentally friendly, a healthy eater and a super great friend! Eva gave me a bag of these O'Coco's Organic Chocolate Crisps. At first bite I thought "wow these are super chocolately, maybe a bit too much for me." I love chocolate but I will never order the rich chocolate cake for dessert. But while I was contemplating the strong chocolate flavor, I managed to eat the entire pack! And then when I read the package it says that it has "intense chocolate taste and fun crispy crunch," so there you go.  And you know what, I felt super satisfied after just a few. Best part about these is that they are organic, 90 calories, have 2 grams of fat and 0 trans fat. They are also super thin and light. The website shows they also have mocha and cinnamon flavors. Eva bought these at Henry's but you can get more info online if you click here. Plus they are Hungry Girl approved...which you know I am totally into if you read my Hungry Girl blog below. I love guiltless snacking!

Eva also recommended Diana Warner Studio- Materialism that Matters and Tina Tang Jewelry- Jewelry and gifts for the American Forest Foundation. Both websites make your shopping worthwhile because you are doing it for a cause! I know Eva has bought gifts from both these websites. Check them out!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So I started pilates at the 6 week mark after my c-section. I heard that it can lengthen and lean your muscles and I really wanted to do something other than the gym. I have had 6 private lessons over the past few weeks and I took my first group class tonight. I love it and I am a believer! When I started my muscles were so weak, especially my abdominals from the surgery. Every week I am noticing how much stronger my body is getting and it's helping me slim down (along with eating healthy). I am taking at least 2 pilates classes a week, and since pilates does not replace cardio, I am also walking a few days a week. I have had a lot of people tell me thay have done the pilates mat classes which I have never tried, these classes are on the actual reformer like the picture above. The only drawback is that it is pretty expensive. Unfortunately I will only be able to do this for another month or two but I will miss it! The studio I go to is Pure Pilates in Ladera Ranch, they also have a location in Laguna Niguel. For more info go to

Rockabye Baby!

If you are a parent who loves music and you haven't seen these cds yet, you need to check them out! The Rockabye Baby series turns rock songs by our favorite bands into lullabies. I love them! Some of the bands are Metallica, Radiohead, Coldplay, Tool, U2 and many more. My personal favorite is Smashing Pumpkins. To learn more go to their website at

You can also go to iTunes and instead of buying whole albums, you can download individual songs. That's what I did and I made my own cd with all my favorites that I gave to my mommy friends. You can go to iTunes, search under Children's Music and right now it's under the Kid's Favorites. 

A MUST HAVE! Rock on!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hungry Girl

Ok I don't remember how I came across Hungry Girl (, but it's a website where you can subscribe to receive emails with healthy tips and tricks to make delicious foods. Now I don't believe in diets because I know that once you go off them you usually gain all that weight back, so you have to make lifestyle changes and that's what this is all about. It's for normal people who still want their tacos and desserts, but are willing to make small adjustments to have them. Well the best part about all of this is that the creator Lisa Lillien just put out a cookbook with all her recipes and it ROCKS! Mark and I have made about 6 or so things and we love them. It's all about following serving sizes and not caring if you use non fat sour cream instead of regular. And everything is really EASY. The book is cheapest at Target online for $10.77. In the Target stores I think it's somewhere around $15, regular bookstores closer to $18. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale

The Nordstroms Half Yearly sale for women and kids started May 21st, but you can still pick up some items online or in the store. Yes I got there at 7am on the first day of the a mom it's a great day to pick up clothes for your kids at 40% off. This year I got a lot of Quiksilver for Brody, LAMB shoes for Brody and Piper and lots of Juicy Couture for mom. I'm not a huge fan of the Anniversary Sale so I look forward to this one twice a year! June 13th is the half yearly sale for men and the next half yearly sale for women and kids is November 5th (yes it's already on my calendar)!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

aden + anais -australian muslin baby wraps

I happened on these wraps/swaddling blankets by chance and they are amazing! I take them everywhere and use them as my blanket/burp cloth/swaddler. They are light, airy, breathable and best yet they get softer the more you wash them. I have found them for between $44- $48 for a set of 4 and they are totally worth every dollar. I bought my first set at Hush Baby in Ladera Ranch, but last I checked they were out of them. I have also seen them at Babystyle. Website address is below!