Tuesday, May 24, 2011

birthday treats

It's birthday week people! My baby boy turns 6 years old on Wednesday (I can't believe it). I have a new tradition I started earlier this year. When it's your birthday week you get to pick whatever cereal you want and have fun snacks all week long. So let's just say that they get a free pass for junk food for their birthday.

I have said this before, I am not a crazy healthy mommy (you would know this by looking at me or eating out with me). When we go out, we eat. My kids have juice when we eat out and we go to In-N-Out and pizza more than we should. But, our food at home is good food. I watch the sugar in our cereals, only wheat bread, no juice and lots of healthy snacks. I try and cook our meals during the week and keep fruits and veggies at hand. I don't think any of this will ever change.

So, birthday week is kind of awesome for the kids. I love that it really teaches them that junk food is a treat and I love how happy they are getting these treats when I come home from the store. Brody has been waiting all year to have a juice box and the spreadable cheese and crackers the other kids have for snack at school. Dang, I'm excited for him! But I also love that when I asked him what he wanted, he didn't give me crazy requests like candy bars. So I had fun surprising him with Cheetos and Oreos to snack on all week too.


The Shaft's said...

Happy Birthday big boy!!!

eva said...

what a great tradition, I love that yuo make a special week out of it! Can we incorporate that for us, 'grown ups' :)