Friday, December 16, 2011

snow (hail)

It snowed (hailed) last night! So exciting. Somehow we got caught in this crazy 30 minutes storm that had lightening, thunder, rain, and hail. We live near the beach in Southern California, we do not get hail often. But this hail, it was like snow. I would call it snow, but people would be mad at me. We were singing carols at a Senior Home and when we looked out the window, it looked like blankets of snow everywhere. In fact, I told the kids I have lived here my whole life and have never experienced anything like it. I think that Senior home was right in the smack dab of the storm because as we drove home, there was no snow (hail). Luckily it stayed in the bed of Daddy's truck and the windshields of mine the whole way home, so we plopped in on our grass and had fun. 

Did I mention we also got to see this gorgeous rainbow on Monday? We followed it until the end.

I love life.

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