Monday, August 27, 2012

time away

A few weeks back I took a whole day off. Not from a job, or a volunteer position, but from my family. It sounds bad, I know, but it's not. It's necessary. I got my tan on at the pool, my nails done, I went to the mall, and I ate dinner by myself. It was a nice way to take a deep breath and let some stress go. It was like a mommy staycation day.

As moms we get so wrapped up in our family life that we forget that we need some time away. Not just a girls night out or a baby shower, but real quiet time. Time to reflect, think, and enjoy. I have an amazing husband who always gives me my own time, but it's still hard to take a whole day off. I think as mom's we have to demand it, plan it, and implement it.

I think a full day off for myself every three or four months will be just enough to keep me refreshed from the craziness of life with three little ones!


edith said...

Hi, I've been following ur wonderful blog.
I'm so agree with u. We, moms, have to have our own time. I really2 need that :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Edith!!