Monday, April 13, 2009

to set the table

We had Easter at our house and I was on a budget after throwing Piper an extravagant birthday party. My only problem was that I still wanted it to be somewhat formal, you know, real plates, silverware and non-paper napkins.  I had no money to go buy anything new even though I really needed tablecloths and napkin rings. Plus my decorations were minimal. So here's what I put together:

I used bunny pillows I had already gotten at Target and added them to the table as decorations. I also used tulips I got from the grocery store for like $4 each. I didn't want the dirt to show so I added colored Easter eggs to the plant before people arrived.

To solve my non-napkin ring problem, I found some fake flowers I have had forever and stripped them down and tied them around the napkins. I ended up loving them!

For a centerpiece I used a garland type thing that was $5 at Home Goods and put the tulips with it as well as plastic eggs I had from last year at Target. They are see-through so I filled them with candy. Much to my surprise they were pretty empty after people left. I also put a candy carrot on each plate and before everyone arrived I added the colored egg with their name on it so they would know where to sit.

By no means is any of this perfect. But it was done with what I had, a very small budget and with some creativity. I actually loved it in person and it made the room bright and cheery. Just because you are broke doesn't mean you have to use paper plates. Use anything you can find! 

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Dave and Lauren said...

Great idea. I have to remember that when I entertain. I am always thinking I need to spice it up and have no idea how!