Thursday, August 18, 2011

give it a chance

You know when they send your child home from school with a seed in a little cup that is a part of a lesson they are learning in class? Usually that little seed grows a little and then we forget about it after a week and it dies. Am I right? Well Brody was sent home a little cup with a sunflower seed and for some reason we really planted it and in a place with water and good sunlight. You know what happened? It grew and grew and grew into this beautiful sunflower. Can you believe how tall it is? What a great lesson for my little guy, he loved seeing the changes that happened every day and it finally opened up yesterday morning. So even though you have a lot going on and it's easy to leave that little cup and seed in the corner of your kitchen, take it out and plant it. Give it a chance and watch it grow!


eva said...

so cool!

BinksandBubble said...

my son picked up a pack of sunflower seeds and asked me if he could have them - i had all intentions of planting them in the backyard but we never got around to it - this entry just reminded me about them and now we're going to have get on that! thanks :)