Tuesday, August 16, 2011

old but all-time

I am going back a little over a year to this post. Yesterday I was thinking about how this really is one of my all time favs. This little storage bin keeps all of our crayons, pencils and markers together in one place and it also helps me stay on top of making sure I throw out old markers that don't color anymore before I add new ones to the bin. I had to post it again because it's something we use every day! Maybe I need to do a weekly post about an old fav that is still a must-have!


The Boyd Family said...

This is an awesome idea. Gavin was doing an art project today and his art supplies are a horrendous mess. Where did you get this?

The Boyd Family said...

Nevermind...I just read your original post. :)

eva said...

I need this!