Thursday, February 23, 2012

as a parent

Being a parent is hard work. I work at it every day (and what feels like every second). But as a parent we are naturally filled with doubts, concerns, and worries about whether we are doing a good job. I think that as we grow as parents we begin to feel more confident in our parenting style and our beliefs. I can feel myself becoming more rooted and confident every year, but I still question myself from time-to-time. I discipline a lot, I am stricter than many of my friends, I do not co-parent, and I have high expectations for my kids. Sometimes at the end of the day that doesn't leave a lot of extra fun time or snuggle time. And many times it means day with lots of voice raising. And so I wonder how they feel about our life and me.

It seems like as soon as I wonder about how I am doing, I get a sweet homemade book from my son. Or a picture. Or a letter. Or my kids telling me I am the best mom ever. And then I realize that what we have going works for us, and what you have going probably works for you too. Because if you are working at it that means you are caring and loving on your children and I think they know that. They feel it. I have a huge stash of picture and little letters and those little gems are the confident reassurance I need that I am raising happy and healthy kids. So while it's normal to doubt your parenting, keep the little signs from your kids in your heart as proof that you are doing a good job. And then feel confident as you grow, change, and evolve as a parent.

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