Saturday, May 31, 2008

O'Coco's Snacks and More

Today's entry is dedicated to my friend Eva who just had a baby girl but still found time to share some of her favorites with me. She is environmentally friendly, a healthy eater and a super great friend! Eva gave me a bag of these O'Coco's Organic Chocolate Crisps. At first bite I thought "wow these are super chocolately, maybe a bit too much for me." I love chocolate but I will never order the rich chocolate cake for dessert. But while I was contemplating the strong chocolate flavor, I managed to eat the entire pack! And then when I read the package it says that it has "intense chocolate taste and fun crispy crunch," so there you go.  And you know what, I felt super satisfied after just a few. Best part about these is that they are organic, 90 calories, have 2 grams of fat and 0 trans fat. They are also super thin and light. The website shows they also have mocha and cinnamon flavors. Eva bought these at Henry's but you can get more info online if you click here. Plus they are Hungry Girl approved...which you know I am totally into if you read my Hungry Girl blog below. I love guiltless snacking!

Eva also recommended Diana Warner Studio- Materialism that Matters and Tina Tang Jewelry- Jewelry and gifts for the American Forest Foundation. Both websites make your shopping worthwhile because you are doing it for a cause! I know Eva has bought gifts from both these websites. Check them out!

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