Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm droooling

I'm drooling over these fabric wall stickers that Design Mom posted about today! I have been in love with Blik's wall decals for a long time, but our walls are textured and I was worried it wouldn't work. These wall stickers are fabric and are especially adorable for a girls room. If baby #3 is a girl I will be purchasing the doll ones FOR SURE! You can find them at Mae's etsy shop, I have a feeling Mae is going to be very busy now that Design mom featured her beautiful work!


vanessa ortiz said...

too bad i only have boys, as the girl decals are adorable, but I LOVE LOVE the super mario bros decal. My boys are super mario freaks and toys and such are very hard to come by, I end up ordering stuff from China via ebay, its the only way to keep up with their super mario habit! Well Joshua has always wanted a super mario bedroom, and I am so excited to see I have a nice way to do it now!

wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker are they removeable

Social Media said...

Amazing wall sticker