Friday, July 24, 2009

feeling frumpy?

My thoughts on maternity wear.... I have none. 

I hate maternity clothes. They don't fit me right, no matter what stage I'm in. I understand that they have to be stretchy, but jersey knit doesn't look good on me normally, why would it when I'm even bigger? I dread buying clothes, but this time around I have a solution. If I want to feel good about myself, dress the best I can but accessorize. Every day I'm wearing a necklace, cute shoes and dressing up every outfit as much as I can. I have to say I feel so much better and even though it takes an hour to get dressed because I hate everything, once I am, I am ready to go! So my point is, whether it's pregnancy or you just aren't happy with your body...the best thing you can do is make a point to look as fabulous as you can when you go out the door. Spend time wearing cute basics and dress it up with accessories. Trust me, you will feel so much better and not looking frumpy will exert confidence! 

How to do this cheap:
Old Navy shoes
Nordstroms Brass Plum Accessories
Forever 21 Accessories


Leslie said...

Amanda - I totally think this post also applies to non-maternity clothes. Oftentimes, I find myself feeling frumpy in the same clothes week after week, but my budget doesn't allow for a new wardrobe. So, I pickup a cute necklace or bracelet from Target and thrown on a cute pair of heels and I'm instantly transformed.

eva said...

Totally agree about the jersey knit...while it may be comfy, it sure isn't flattering. And you are a beautiful pregnant woman, even if you don't feel that way at times!