Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to school

You already know that NieNie's blog is very inspiring to me, more-so, it is a daily affirmation of what is important in my life. But I do love other things about her blog that were included well before the plane crash. One of them is the "Family Back to School Feast." Man, she has it down, so this year I decided (very last minute) to add it to my yearly ritual. I mean, education is so important to me and I want to instill that in my kids. So anyways we did our own little feast tonight. We had decorations, hats, food, little gifts and some crafts afterwards. Just the perfect way to start Brody's school year and to let him know how special I think he is. I can't wait to do this every year and to add traditions to it!


eva said...

this is so great, what an exciting way to start the school year!

Vanessa said...

Yes- I too, LOVED this brilliant idea!! I will DEFINITELY be doing this once Hailey is old enough:) I also LOVE NeNe's posts...so inspiring, is right! Can't wait to hear all about B's first day!