Thursday, September 10, 2009

coupons, coupons, coupons

There is nothing better than having a coupon when shopping online or going into Joann's. I save coupons for stores when I get them in the mail and keep an envelope in my purse. I try to use them all the time, but sometimes I lose one or just don't have one. Here are 3 sites for coupons that I visit but I bet you have some great ones, so please comment if you do! I haven't started clipping coupons for groceries yet, but hopefully soon!

I got to Mommy Saves Big to get my Joann's coupons. They are always updated, I print them out and they always work. There are a ton of places on here so make sure you visit it before shopping online or in-store.

Look here at to see if you can get a code for free shipping online. NOthing I hate more than paying for shipping!

I want to use Coupon Mom more, it seems like she has a lot of grocery coupons. But she does have restaurant and online coupon codes too!


vanessa ortiz said...

try, great for online stuff, I am always finding great deals like an extra 20% off, most of them are coupon codes you use as you are checking out!

Many sites like target, ebay, hanes, and more have "daily deals", I save them to my favorites and check them daily, often they have CHEAP stuff for 24 hours only!

Vanessa said...

Cool sites! I'm actually working on tracking my coupon savings for the month:) Just for see if my "clippin" is worth it;) I'm working on posting it very soon.