Thursday, February 25, 2010

dress time

I have two weddings to go to in coming months and I'm already thinking about dresses. Luckily, I can probably wear the same dress to both weddings without anyone knowing (except you of course). These dresses were my finds this morning. The top left dress is at Anthropologie. I found the rest at Can you guess which dress cost $675? I won't be purchasing that one but I do LOVE it (it's the top middle dress). There is also one that costs $23.90 (bottom right). Can't wait to lose a few more pounds to go dress shopping!


Leslie said...

I vote for lower left.

The Shaft's said...

The lower left the expensive one and the top middle one I love! I have a dress JUST like it, too bad it is way to big for you. You could borrower it.

The Shaft's said...

I am a dork! I did not read the part of which one WAS the expensive dress. It is the babies fault, brain snatcher.