Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from the heart

I have this thing where we have to do homemade Valentines for school. My body won't pick up a box of premade ones.

Last year we made these cute mini Valentine boxes with mini M&M's.

This year we didn't have the time to make something chic with the new baby and all, so we did them simple. We cut out hearts, used stickers, added some Team Umizoomi pictures and gave Brody glitter pens and markers. Then we glued them to Conversation Hearts.

All 24 are done and ready to deliver to preschool tomorrow (they have Friday off). They aren't my perfect Valentines, but Brody had fun making them and they are straight from the heart.


Vanessa said...

...and that's exactly what Valentine's is all about- something that comes from your heart (not a Hallmark store). What a FUN tradition this is!! You're such a GOOD mama:)

eva said...

Great job Brody! Kisses, Maya's Mommy :)