Monday, February 15, 2010

sooo good

We watched a lot of movies over the weekend. The Hurt Locker was amazing. I'm not a fan of war movies but I had heard all the good reviews about this one and how accurate it was. I'm telling you...I had my eyes fixed on the tv the whole time. No special effects, no unreal situations, just pure intense drama. I loved it. Netflix it for sure!

Other movies we watched were Julie & Julia and Temple Grandin. My sister also informed me that I may be the only woman alive who hasn't seen The Notebook, I guess we will be watching that soon.


Kathleen said...

I have not seen the notebook either. I just don't feel like crying.
I did however read the book, does that count?

The Shaft's said...

We liked The Hurtlocker too. We have a friend going EOD and I looked at Dave and said, "has he lost his damn mind?!" Someone has to do that job right?

p.s. The notebook...I am not sure why women enjoy this movie so much. I did not find it so wonderful and I have an issue with certain things that were in the movie. But hopefully you do. :)