Tuesday, June 28, 2011

keep up

(My dream laundry room, so simple. Image found here)

I have been reading this book on how to be a more beautiful woman (in all ways, not really about looks) and part of the book spoke about how you don't leave things for later to get piled up. You keep up with things all of the time. I have put this in to practice with my laundry for the last three weeks. I don't love doing laundry mostly because I have so many little clothes and socks to sort. But, over the last three weeks I have made the laundry part of my daily/hourly routine. I am constantly putting it in and taking it out, probably 4-5 loads a day. I never leave clean clothes just folded waiting to be put back, I do it right away. I can't tell you what a huge difference it has made. I am always caught up, often washing laundry that was worn that very same day. It's like a tiny miracle for my family of five and I am never slaving away looking for something or staring at a heaping piles of clothes. No one is ever asking me where their shirt is and there are never stray clothes just lying around. It's magic and now that I have the laundry done, I have more time for other things. Funny how that works!

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