Thursday, June 2, 2011


Design Mom posted this blog post last week and I cannot get it out of my mind. First of all it put Sweden on the top of my travel list for the future, but mostly just seeing how important it is for kids to be outside really opened my eyes. I have to admit that since I have a toddler being outside is a lot of work, so I tend to go out for short bouts, but all three of my kids love to play outside with their friends....LOVE. This post opened my eyes to how things probably should be and how much more I want my kids to play outdoors and be more independent with their play time, even if it means that it will be harder on me. I also love that babies in Sweden nap outdoors and that Sweds enjoy their leisure time. It sounds like a beautiful way to live.


eva said...

Ok, I want to be a Swede ... or live like one, at least :)

Whitney said...

You should come with me to Finland and visit my family there. I plan on going for a summer when the kids get bigger. It really is so sweet.

Williams Family said...

I loved this post too!