Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas pictures

This tradition was passed down from my mom. Each child has their 
own wrapping paper. There are no tags on any presents under the tree 
and they don't know their paper until Christmas morning.

 Each child has a box from Santa (that we keep from year-to-year) and on 
Christmas morning Santa leaves an extra little gift in their box.

 You can barely see them here, but we always leave a white rug right 
under the fireplace so we can catch Santa's boot tracks.

 Brody's favorite gift this year was the VTech InnoTab. It's kind of like
a learning iPad for kids. It got mixed reviews but we are loving it so far!

Look what my hubby made me for Christmas. Faith.

My hubby and I don't do gifts, we just fill up each other's stocking with a small 
budget. I don't know how, but he fit some new TOMS in mine. Thank goodness, 
my old ones had two holes where my pinky toes were :)

Spoiled by my hubby and mom at Anthropologie. Measuring cups
and the perfect teacup.

Santa left this for us under the tree. A photo book for our family. We think 
that Alabaster Snowball (our elf) must have hacked our computer!

My homemade gifts to the kids. They each have a song that
I sing to them, so I designed and framed their songs. Little reminders
of how much I love them.

We were so blessed to have an amazing holiday season!

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