Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i made

My hubby is on a healthy eating and exercise kick I'm so proud of him and his weight loss. To help him I set up an oatmeal bar on our counter for breakfast. Of course I used mason jars to store everything in. It's easy for him to access all the ingredients quickly in the morning. I have like six jars lined up. Anyhow, today I was dying for a snack. And so I took all of his jars and made myself some homemade trail mix. I used craisins, almonds, and a few chocolate chips. It was so good. But the possibilities are endless. Great snack for the stay-at-home mommy.


Heber and his "Deli" aka: Adele said...

what a great idea. I love the mason jars. Anything mason jar and I am usually all in. The health benefit is a bonus!!

eva said...

great idea, and it looks nice on your counters