Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a letter and a birthday

My sweet baby girl is 1 years old today. My heart is full and my love is abundant. She brings so much joy to my life every day. Happy birthday baby girl.

I have a ritual. I write the kids' letters on their birthday. I tell them about their year, about them and how much I love them. When I'm finished I put it in an envelope, seal it and put it away. I can't wait to give them to them when they are much older. I know that pictures can capture emotions, but nothing can capture my true love for them like my words. I just finished her letter and I'm about to seal it and put it away. 



Leslie said...

Such a wonderful ritual, Amanda. I think you've inspired me to do that one day when I have children. Piper and Brody will cherish these when they get older and when they have their own children.

Dave and Lauren said...

How do you think of these things? So great.

eva said...

Sweet. They will enjoy reading those letters!