Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leslie's Favorites!

I'm excited that you are sending in your own personal favorites! Keep it coming. This week is all about you guys. Email me at

All of today's favorites are via my friend Leslie from Leslie's Lines:

I'm in love with my Zyliss shake 'n go shaker and wanted to share it with you. I always get comments when I bring it to friends' houses or work, asking "what's that?"

This to-go styled cup lives up to its name! Put in powdered drink mix, prep eggs or pour in salad dressing ingredients – shake and go!

This multi-tasking plastic shaker also serves as an ad hoc measuring tool with ounce and millimeter markings on the sides. The wide mouth mounted on the screw cap prevents spills and controls the pour.

5 - in -1 shaker
* Measure. Mix. Store. Serve. Drink.
* 16 oz capacity. Blends homemade salad dressings, drinks, marinades, shakes and
* Leakproof spout

Not to mention that it also doubles as a handy flask at tailgating parties!

Since Lee is such a wonderful chef, and our produce usually spoils long before we have time to savor it, "Santa" brought him Debbie Meyer Green Bags for Christmas. Don't be ashamed to admit it - you know you've seen the commercials - "BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!" I'll have to say that they do work pretty darn good. Mushrooms and lettuce that have been in our fridge since after Christmas still look fresh off the shelf. Our goal is to incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies into our diets, and with the help of these little magic bags, it just might be possible!

I know they can be purchased at Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and directly from the website.

Preserve those veggies and fruits! Especially the more expensive organic varieties.

For all my friends who like to fill-up landfills with obscene numbers of plastic water bottles, check this out:


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Thanks for sharing my favorites with your friends. Love ya!