Monday, May 25, 2009


Life isn't exactly easy right now, but it's not downright awful either. I'm in a funk. Maybe an inspiration funk; what inspires me. I'm designing lovely things so it's not affecting my creative juices. I think it's life inspirations. I'm not reading my usual daily blogs about cute dresses and pretty things (although I am still writing about them). I find that I am searching for realness. The blogs I am going to are about people who have lost a spouse, been through trauma, or just have some deep life experiences to share. They are real to me and they inspire me in my everyday life and trials. We all know Nie Nie and her plane crash. We all waited on pins and needles to know that she would survive. I tell you......I check her blog every day, hoping for an update. And, when she does, I drink it up like a cold glass of lemonade. She is so real about her pain, her life, her hurts and her recovery. It hits me every time. Among other blogs, this is what makes me tick right now. These blogs give me perspective on my own life, about being a survivor, about the important things and just about being real. Tonight I needed a drink of realness to escape unnecessary drama and hoped Nie Nie was updated...and it was. And I drank it up. I took in some inspiration. I'm ready to move forward with my own obstacles. I know I will once again return to my old blog favs and pour over pretty dresses again, but not right now.


Leslie H. said...

There is nothing wrong with pretty dresses and cute things...they are beautiful to look at and meant to be enjoyed! Sometimes we just need something with a little more substance to keep us grounded and remind us of what's really important.

eva said...

I know what you mean…just when you think you've got all your ducks in a row, out of nowhere a funk settles in, and again before you know it, you’re moving on and looking forward. I think that’s what keeps us going in life, the struggles and rewards and emotions, appreciating the good and learning from the not-so good.