Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went to a different Wells Fargo today (Foothill Ranch) and their atm does deposits without envelopes. Trippy! You stack your checks up and slide them in, then the machine scans each one and displays them on the screen with how much they are each for and you accept it. I didn't tell it a darn thing. On top of it, it prints a receipt with the images of your scanned checks, minus the bottom part where your account number is. It was weird and fascinating at the same time, especially since I looked for envelopes for a few minutes before reading the big sign saying they don't use them. I am still fascinated about this new way of depositing money (cash is now separate and without envelope as well). As a business owner it's great because you have actual copies of all your checks. I love technology!


Dave and Lauren said...

AND it is saving the environment (no envelopes!) I do not care for Wells but way to go on this one!

Vanessa said...

I was totally 'tripped' out the first time I used this at B of A, too! Yep, technology is great!