Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was our 1st cartoon-free Monday. I have decided that every Monday will be a cartoon-free zone. Now I need a disclaimer for this- I have no problem with my kids watching cartoons. I am pro-cartoon. My son learns a lot from Noggin, it gives me a break and it's down-time that they need. But, something was just telling me that it was important for the kids to know that they can spend a whole day doing whatever they want other than watching cartoons. So from now on that will be Mondays. Another disclaimer- I will let them watch a half hour movie before bedtime, like a Halloween movie. Well, it went great! This whole thing is obviously for Brody (Piper is too small to get it). After preschool he did art projects, tried to catch bugs, rode his bike, played with toys and had a fulfilling day without turning the tv on. I hope I can make it last!


Williams Family said...

Amanda I think that is so great. He was kid being a kid. Sounds like he had a really fun day. You are such a great mommy!!

The Shaft's said...

That sounds so great! I shuttered the other day when a friend said her three month was watching t.v. Not to judge, but I think that is too early. Kuddos to you for trying to stear away from the TUBE for a day.

Lauren said...

I like this idea- my hubby and I were just discussing last week that kids need to be "bored" to spur on creativity with their time. I do have to say, having older kids, that mine do not have a ton of time anymore to even watch tv...we nixed the cartoon-while-watching-breakfast-before- school habit and with homework, practices, dinner, baths and reading, they are lucky to fit in a half hour show before bedtime- whew!!!