Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love buying hardware for plain furniture pieces. We have all this white furniture, some new and some old and I love that I can transfer it from kid to kid by changing hardware, or can just update something plain. Of course I love Anthropologie's hardware, but they usually run $6-$8 per piece, which is fine if you need just a few. I on the other hand needed 9 total, so I went to their hardware sale bin and found everything I needed and for $2.95 each. Wowzer! It was a good day. I highly suggest adding a little flair to your boring stuff. I've seen cute hardware sold in bags at Home Goods too.

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eva said...

!!!! Don't tell me you were there around 2 yesterday??? I was on my knees looking through the knobs bin. I got the green, mustard and flower for Maya's dresser drawers!