Friday, October 23, 2009

hooray for ebay

My kids have just grown out of their summer clothes and have nothing to wear for Fall. No Fall clothes are on sale and we tried Nordstroms Rack with little success. We love Volcom for Brody and Juicy Couture and Roxy for Piper. Of course brand names are expensive and we can't shell out the big bucks right now. So thank you ebay! I have been buying brand new clothes for both the kids at great discounted prices. These prices are much better than Nordstroms Rack. So here are my rules for Ebay.

1. Don't bid on anything right away, "watch" them instead.
2. Track everything you are watching daily.
3. Wait until about 5 minutes or less is left of the auction to bid on an item. Give yourself enough time in case the person before you put a max bid.
4. Do not fall in love with anything! You might end up paying too much just because you love it, so what was the point?
5. Before you bid, have a set amount you will not go over and stick to it. You are suppose to be getting a deal. Stop bidding or watching an item if it goes over that amount. Make sure you include shipping in your total so it's not extra.
6. If you only want new items, make sure you only search for new or NWT (new with tag).
7. If you have an iPhone, get the ebay app (it's free). It gives you reminders when your items are almost over.

Happy bidding and buying!

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