Wednesday, October 21, 2009

thank you for the coupons

I'm not going to lie, I've never been a huge fan of Carter's. I had shopped at our local store maybe once and would sometimes buy their packaged onesies at Target. However, I received a gift card recently and went into the store and now I think they have the BEST pajamas. Hello! Plus, they have enough selection you don't have to buy something with a huge cow that says "moo" all over it, they have more subtle choices too. Anyways, my whole point to this post (besides loving the pjs I've been buying Piper) is that they also send you great coupons if you sign up online. I LOVE that. Every few weeks I get a promotional email that includes a discount coupon. I love companies that keep up on their coupons.

Another great place on top of their coupons is Babies R Us. I have the rewards card and I never forget to swipe it. I stay on top of my coupons I get in the mail and the ones you get after purchase. In fact, I never buy anything there without one of the 15% off coupons. On a lucky day if you can find something like a mattress on sale and use your coupon, you walk away happy. I just got a regularly priced $79 baby mattress for $35 after sale and coupon. Love it.

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