Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Target,

I missed you today while I was at my usual grocery store. For some reason grocery prices seem extra high right now (and I go to the "cheaper" store in my area). I actually had to put things back because I knew that they are so much cheaper at your store. I was thinking that time is money, but when I added up the difference, it wasn't even close. So I will be visiting you tomorrow for my bread, cheese, shampoo, cereal and a few other small things. Thank you for being so reasonably priced.




Vanessa said...

I did the SAME thing, last night (and always do when I'm at the grocery store)! I can't even justify spending money on certain items at the store when I know it's half price at Target. Besides, I NEVER mind an "extra" trip to Target;)

eva said...

I had no idea that their food prices were so much lower, I am there all the time, but never for food, I'll have to pay closer attention next time!