Sunday, November 1, 2009

help please

I need your help!
I have purchase 2 different video monitors (neither are the one above) over the last 4.5 years. One when Brody was a baby and a different one for Piper. Both clonked out around the 6 month mark. While I could still use them both technically, they were not reliable.

Time for a new one. I have researched, read reviews and it looks like they all have flaws. I am leaning towards one in particular, but wanted to know if anyone absolutely loves theirs (and you've had it longer than a few months).

Please let me know!


Alisha said...

Hey you,
Sarah's had the "Summer Handheld Video Monitors" for Carter for two years now.. Good Luck, that's not something anyone wants to buy multiple times!

jen C said...

We still have and use the Summer Infant day and night video moniter. Our version is 3 yrs old now and it would have been still perfect if it hadnt been dropped when we moved. The noise is a little scratchy now because of that, so we just keep the volume down. We did have to go through 3 of the same moniters at first becasue the first 3 seemed to have something worng with them but BRU was very good about letting us keep returning until we got one that worked.

The Shaft's said...

What did you pick? I am so lost with what to choose.