Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's december 1st!

I am SO excited it is December 1st! It seems like it was taking forever to get here. First thing on our list, we will be writing Santa our letters today and depositing them at Macy's Santa Mail drop. Brody saw this last week and insists that we take his letter there, our mailbox is not good enough. Fine with me, any Christmas spirit outing is on my list. Can't wait!

*sidenote: I just realized I am going to have to do a switcheroo and put a blank letter in the Macy's drop so I can keep his real one for me. I want to hold on to it for when he is older!

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Lauren said...

I save our kids' letters, too! Good thinking- make the ol' switcheroo! My boys are so excited to write their letters! It is also exciting that we are now in the month that your baby will be born in- can't beleive it is December already!! YAY!