Wednesday, December 30, 2009

last thoughts from 2009

Besides my resolutions I thought I would add these:

Things I learned from 2009
1. Be thankful for the blessings you DO have
2. Real friends look past their own hurt or disappointment to see you. They understand or at least accept the silence and they see the bigger picture
3. I learned the power of prayer and faithfulness
4. That I am in love with the age of 4
5. You HAVE to move forward
6. Romance is not the most important thing in a marriage, it's if you can weather the storm together
7. It's not fun to have your life turned upside down, but it's amazing to see how much you can change

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and hoping you will continue to visit my blog through 2010.




The Shaft's said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE #2 so true. xoxo

Noel said...

2009 made us grow- made us cry- and gave us blessings!