Monday, October 17, 2011

diaper butt and more to come

First of all, look at what a mess my desk is in this picture. Ahhh! Most importantly, I loved having this little helper Saturday night all to myself. He was in charge of pushing a CD into the drive and he did a darn good job.

Tomorrow is looking to be a big day for this little blog (and blogger). I am hoping to unveil the big changes I made, a new name and new look, but same content and same purpose. I am so excited for you to see's 100% me, but just with a little maturity by my 950th post. I will also be debuting my first post on as one of their featured bloggers with my own column.

So for today enjoy the cute little diaper butt and my messy desk, but come back tomorrow for my big reveals! And if you have time read my friend Noel's story on my other blog My Year of Faith.

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eva said...

cute butt and exciting changes!