Friday, October 21, 2011

a regret

When we had my firstborn, we bought a glider/rocking chair for his room. I used it all the time and when we moved we tossed it because it wasn't in great condition anymore. When we had my daughter, I tried to be practical and put a chaise in her room so I could fall asleep with her and have more room to nurse. Her room was pretty tiny too. I regretted not having a rocker then and I really regret it with my my third baby now. I have regretted it this entire 22 months, but buying a new chair hasn't deemed very important. I wish I could snuggle him and rock him to sleep in it.  So today I decided it's never too late and I want one eventually. I looked online and here are some that I liked.

Or maybe I'll refinish my own. Either way, I would say it's probably the only thing I regret not having for my last two. What have you regretted not buying?

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