Thursday, October 6, 2011

shrek the musical

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to take one of my little ogres (he's six) and see Shrek The Musical. I was so excited to go, especially since my parents use to take me to musicals when I was younger. I kept it a surprise and off we went on a school night. Brody was laughing and smiling the whole time! It was so much fun and such a great performance for kids and adults. In fact, most of the good jokes were for the adult audience. I loved the performers (Fiona's voice and movements reminded me of Amy Poehler), the creativity, the music, and how much the audience was laughing. I had the best time! Brody said that he loved all of the special effects the best (aka. the fart noises).

I would even go on a date night with hubby! But I loved the date that I had and 
I loved feeling like I was a kid again getting snacks at intermission!

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