Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guest Post- Laurin & Kelly

What's better than one fun and stylish blogger.....two! I love reading Laurin & Kelly Talk and it's awesome because the two friends blog to each other about all kinds of things. I didn't hesitate to ask them to do a guest blog here! So please enjoy!

Hi. This is Laurin of Laurin and Kelly Talk. This is our first guest post for another blogger and we are happy it's Amanda. We love her site.

Don't be mad that Amanda isn't here today. Just follow her over to our place at because we are swapping blogs today.

Apparently Kelly and I love shopping as much as Amanda and we wanted to share with her readers a couple of our favorite things and some places we stalk on the internet.

Right now I am obsessed with the Dell Mini 9 computer. I have been madly entering giveaways in the hope of winning one, but am totally willing to shell out the bucks to get it if I don't. The mac daddy model is only $499. Do you know how much blogging I could do in the car line of my kids' school?

I love the internet. Love it. I find the greatest things in the shopping que of StumbleUpon. It's my rabbit hole. But, one site I could never live without is I use it for shopping and to find great fashion for our readers. Just enter whatever is on your wish list at the moment, like "flat boots" and, voila, a catalog just for you.

Hi. It's Kelly. Right now I'm all about channelling Kate Moss with the black leggings and black ballet slippers. I am a total fashion junkie and I'm coveting the Mighty Fine "I Only Kiss Superheroes" tee. I think my husband will love it.

You can get it at Boutique to You, a great site where you can find current shots of what the celebs are wearing, like in US Weekly. You can "Shop by Celebrity" or "Shop by Designer".


CityMouse said...

Oooo, I've never been to Boutique To You before. That t is so cute!

-amanda said...

I love all these new fun finds! Thanks for blogging here today!