Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lou and Lee's headbands

These headbands are sooo cute! And I wish I could buy them for Piper but I can't (see my other blog for details). Check them out at Lou and Lee's Etsy shop here. Maybe you can buy one for your daughter and I can "borrow" it for a week or two....or forever!


eva said...

I think Maya and Piper must have one of these headbands!

Anonymous said...

Make I'll have to get one for the Biz. But where or where would I get a cute adorable baby model to wear it for me? Do you know of anyone?

Charlotte said...

Hey! You won the "make a donation, leave a comment, and maybe you'll get a baby sweater" contest. (Congrats)

Swing by my blog for the details on how to get your prize.