Thursday, September 4, 2008

Haute Stuff Tutu Bodysuits

I just posted about one of these tutu outfits on my other blog. They are ADORABLE! I found them on and I love them. Just wanted to share.


Alisha said...

Hey you, Yes I had to jump on! I just love how it's so chill. No drama junior high crap :) I have so many family members everywhere they can just check up on us when ever they want. Gina sent me your No Shopping blog, Marko is insisting I implement a self test. I would love to try but gotta work up the strenght!! lol. It's hard, especially with the little ones!!! PS- Your kids are so dang cute, I love seeing pictures of them. Ok I just typed a novel. Anyway, hope you have a great day, I love reading your blogs!! :)

Williams Family said...

These are just too adorable, too bad they only go up to 18 months, oh well maybe if I have another girl! but Piper would look adorable in these, and I am sure you will be buying her one next month!

Shaft Family said...