Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Design Mom - Guest Blog

(I heart Design Mom's blog, she has great style and she's fun to read. I hope you enjoy her fav's)

A few of Gabrielle Blair's (from Design Mom) favorite things.

A Good Pair of Heels

Try wearing heels on a everyday errand -- like to Costco -- even just with jeans and a t-shirt. They make even the most non-glamorous outings seem important. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I swear the employees treat you better too.

Getting a Good Deal
Doesn't it feel good to find a great price on something? I found a $350 Spyder ski coat for my husband at TJ Maxx for $120. Score!

Graphic Design Blogs
They remind me of what I studied in college, what I surrounded myself with during my former career, and why I love it. A great one is Hi + Low. It's not entirely graphic design, but it mostly is, and the author (Abby Clawson Low) has a flawless eye and never ending good taste.

Pear Jelly Bellys
I don't love every flavor of Jelly Bellys, mostly just Juicy Pear. They are so yummy. Ben Blair gave me a whole pound for Christmas and they didn't even survive till the 26th.

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mary said...

Gabby! GREAT tip on the heels. I love heels, and have loads of them, but lately I've gotten lazy and slum around when I run errands and and choose comfy over cute.