Saturday, January 24, 2009

More than just an ice cream act of love

You may be one of those moms who always thinks of just the right things to do with your kids. You have the best crafts and the best rewards for them. I'm not that mom. I'm the mom who just makes it through the day trying to make sure she does at least one stimulating thing for them. I try hard, but don't always follow through on my ideas. Hey, at least I try!

On to my story... Brody was a real trooper throughout our hectic week and dad promised him ice cream. This usually means that we hit up Swirls (local frozen yogurt shop). But, today I had an idea. My idea was to have an ice cream party to reward him for being patient and being good. And you know what, I followed through with it. I had ice cream and toppings. Brody asked us almost every minute, all day, when the party would be and while I was preparing everything, he asked me every second. He was literally beaming with joy. He loved making his sundae and he ate it up.

It's funny how as moms (or just as people) we have the power to make something so routine extraordinary with just a little bit of  care. We have the ability to make a present look extra special, to write a loving and encouraging email, to do something just a little bit more for people. 

My friend Noel mentioned to me recently how she appreciates that I try and make birthdays special. As I think about it, all I really do is make a phone call letting them know how important their birthday is to me, make plans to see them and make sure to show up. It's not the gift, it's the caring

Tonight I cared a little bit extra about Brody and his sweetness and I made the extra effort to make something so normal....special and it cost me less then it would have to go out to ice cream! I only paid for the gallon and had everything else.

Tonight reminded me that it's important that we try and make other people's lives special with little acts of love. In hard times we need to lift our friends and families spirits.

This blog entry was just suppose to say "Hey we had an ice cream party, here are the pictures." Look what it turned into! I hope it will encourage you to doing something small for someone else by going the extra mile. Remember, it's not how much you do, it's just how much love you put in it.


Whitney said...

Man I really need an ice cream party!

eva said...

Brody sounded so excited when he told me he had an Ice Cream Party! Keep up doing those little special things, a lot of times they have more of an impact than the big things. I know Brody appreciated his party more than he can tell you right now. Kisses to the kiddos...

Dave and Lauren said...

Aw (tear)...You are such a good person! Can you throw me one when I get to CA? It will be my birthday?! ;)