Monday, January 12, 2009


My fav of all favs are shoes. I love them. I love buying that one pair of shoes that you get compliments everywhere you go. I use to have a pair of black heels that had a big flower on them. It never mattered what my dress looked like, the shoes always got the attention. Unfortunately my new budgeted lifestyle does not permit my old shoe buying habits. So when I got $100 gift card to Nordstroms for Christmas, instead of buying the necessities, like a pair of black pants and a shirt, I opted to spend $97 on a new pair of very unnecessary shoes. The shoes pictured above are Jessica Simpson's- Hello Shoes (I know I'm not a huge Jessica Simpson fan either). I love them. I think they are so hot. You can't really see the zipper that goes down the front. I wear them anywhere I can and yes, I get mass compliments on them. I cannot find them online anywhere, so if you want a pair go to the BP Shoes at Nordstroms and ask.

Speaking of shoes, I love Shoe Girl's Blog. She has amazing shoes, amazing taste and I get a little jealous every day of the beautiful shoes she wears and designs. 


mary said...

OK, I'm dying over these shoes. DYING. I love them! I'm a big fan of Jess Simpson's shoe line, too...and these...holy cow. I just might have to splurge.

Williams Family said...

Hey I saw Celine (SHoe girl) and I told her that she needs to start designing some cute little girl shoes. She Rocks!! She said that might happen if she has a little girl.

Leslie said...

Like a sexy gladiator!

Nancy said...

Oohhhh I just came across this blog, and I must say your shoes are HOT! So does the sis-in-law get to borrow them for her HOT date? =)

ellie said...

i've been obsessing over the nude version of these shoes ever since i saw them in the december issue of lucky. i've been searching EVERYWHERE for them, and i can't find them! they're not online! there is no nordstrom's in NYC and i doubt the herald sq. macy's has them. i emailed the JS Collection customer service, but no reply. why would they ever keep such gorgeous shoes a secret???

anyway, i love them in black, too. they're gorgeous!

-amanda said...


If you read this email me at I can probably help you get black or brown, but not the cream!