Saturday, January 3, 2009


Did you have a gloworm when you were little? I did and I remember loving it. We just bought the baby the new miniature version by Playskool and I adore it already. I have been wanting to find that one object that I can always put in her bed with her, especially for nights where we are at someone else's house and she is not in her crib. You just squeeze it, the face lights up and it plays soothing lullabies.  It's simple and sweet just like my baby girl. It was only $9.99 at Target and worth every penny so far. I'm hoping it will provide her a little bit of security. It's for 0-12 months. I can almost remember the song in the commercials from when I was little!

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Dave and Lauren said...

Yes I remember it. Remember Speak and Spell and Poppels? How about My Child? I loved that doll or Teddy Ruxpin? Got to find these again for my kids.