Friday, January 9, 2009

Something old and something new

This post is about two favs. My first fav is my washing machine. Something you should know about me, I put everything in the washer. I have washed heels (not leather), seat cushions, dry clean only items and more. Things I'm unsure of I just put in the "hand wash" cycle and off it goes! Of course I always do so with the knowledge that it might get ruined, but I've never been disappointed. However, on a side note, please do not wash things and then have them get ruined and be mad at me. It's all at your own risk. A second fav, old things. Okay I actually don't like old things. I'm not even a clean person and I'm not good with old dirt or filth. So when my parents told me to either take the old Cabbage Patch kids home or they were toast, I hesitantly said okay. I was thinking in my mind, there's no way Piper is playing with my 23 year old dolls. But..... we washed them and all their accessories and they are CLEAN! They look great, and I am so excited to have them back. One of them freakishly reminds me and Mark of Michelle Duggar, that woman who keeps having kids and is at 18 now, but Piper doesn't know so it's okay.


Dave and Lauren said...

Oh I WISH I still had mine. I think the last time I saw mine my littlest sister was writing on the face with a sharpeeee. Keep them forever! That is so cool. What else they got in the attic????

Whitney said...

So funny! She'll love them more than you think.

Williams Family said...

I have one for Taelor that is still in the box. She keeps asking to open it but I just can't bring myself to open it. Maybe one day! Piper will love them just as much as you loved them!