Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back to school

Do you have a child going to school where they will have a locker? Are you worried about them forgetting their combination? Here are two kinds of new locks from Master Lock to help. The top set is called the Master Lock Keyless Precision Dial. I like it because you can use letters and numbers to pick your combo! Plus it has a master key which makes it easy to change the combo if you need to. I think it's much easier to use a code with letters than numbers, but note, it only has 10 of the letters on it. I also love the colors it comes in!

The other lock is the Master Lock Speed Dial. This one is totally cool because it does not require numbers or letters. The lock is set by moving the center dial up and down or side to side. You can choose your combination yourself! It also comes with stickers that you can use with shapes, colors, letters so you you can put them on and make a combination that way. I never had cool locks growing up.

By the way- Mark is so stoked on these locks. He loves having these kinds of things around the house.... I guess they are not just for back to school!

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