Monday, August 9, 2010

i have a problem

I have a confession friends. I have been struggling over the last month or so with stress and eating. Big time. The kind where it starts overtaking your happiness and your every day life. The kind where I can't say no. I had pretty much lost all my baby weight...and now I feel like I am back to square one. It's crazy. I feel like I have no control and as soon as things make me the teensy bit stressful, I start eating. Obviously I have some bigger issues going on in my life right now that are triggering the stress, but I have never experienced anything like this before. I am amazed at the seasons and experiences we go through in our lives and how much things can change day-to-day, month-to-month, year-by-year. I know I can conquer this, I need to, but it's really hard. What struggles are you going through right now? The ones you admit, the ones you are figuring out, or the ones that are silently hurting you? I'm putting my struggle out there to the blog world in hopes that you can also admit yours out loud and come to terms with how to fix it. We can do it together. We can't let our struggles hinder our progress.


The Shaft's said...

Uh I do not think this comment block will allow such a big comment from me! haha. First, LOVE YOU! You are a strong beautiful person to admit hard times like this, especially via the internet.

What am I dealing with right now? Let's see...struggling with not being into my child as much as I feel I should be. I feel I could seriously leave him with someone for hours and be fine with it (hint hint). I am struggling with the fact that my husband is home for a month back in Japan and I am not going back to be with him. I want to, but I also want to stay in CA. around family and friends.
I too am struggling with my weight (even pre baby weight) and how to get it off. I love food and want to eat it...all the time. I am struggling with not finishing school as fast as I want to now that I have a kid and how that will prolong my time. Overall, these are things that can be dealt with and are not tragic...ok maybe the weight thing is (haha). How do I fix these problems? In may case, since my husband is military I have that looming feeling in the back of mind about him getting hurt or dieing. Thinking about that always snaps me out of it and makes me focus back into reality. But everyday I still struggle with asking for help when things get overloaded on me. We are women, mothers and wives who do too much, eat too much (at times) stress too much and love so so much. So that is MY novel and I hope it helped. xoxo

Amanda's Favs said...

Being honest is the best therapy for everyone. We aren't alone. Thanks Lauren for sharing. Love YOU!

eva said...

Amanda! Great post. I have to admit as well, I definitely have those times of "stress eating" and end up feeling even more stressed because of it.

I am currently struggling with finding more patience inside myself and keeping my priorities in order.


Gina said...

I made 2 dozen cupcakes last night...just in time for work and school to begin. I remembered this post and thought I'd share that you're not alone in stress induced eating!