Sunday, August 29, 2010

mommy talk

(i found this pic on my computer, not sure what i was doing or why i took it)

I say this phrase a lot to my husband, "I'm doing the best I can." When I think about it, no matter how hard the situation is, of course it's not entirely true. What I mean to say is, "I am exhausted and I don't want to do any more" or "I am doing the best I can for right now". But I know (because I am a mom) that I could have done more. I could have played with the kids more, taught them more, made a better dinner and so on and so forth. It's hard for people to understand that we aren't just a mom... we are often a mom to multiple kids that have different needs, a wife, perhaps a single mom, a friend, a family member, we might work full time, own our own business, etc. We sure wear a lot of hats right?

Guilty.... do you ever feel this as a mom? Maybe I am just a perfectionist (which I am) but I always feel like I could have done more or done better. How do we get rid of this guilt? I look at all my mom friends and I know how lucky their kids and husbands are to have them. I think about all the kids whose parents neglect them.... my kids are so fortunate! So maybe we just need to know that we are awesome and our kids are so lucky to live in a loving, fun and safe home. Maybe we should give ourselves small goals for the week, take things one step at a time instead of trying to fill every role, all the time. Being a mom is a big responsibility and we have a lot on our shoulders. I feel it weighing me down because I want the best for my kids (academically, in sports, dinners, play dates, etc.). One day at a time moms! None of us have it all together and we shouldn't feel guilty for that (and don't let other moms pretend they do have it all together, they are lying).

So I am going to give myself small weekly goals instead of trying to accomplish everything all the time (I just end up exhausted and upset).

My small goals for this week:
1. Do all the laundry in the house
2. Work on a few more chapters in Brody's Kindergarten workbook
3. Work on Piper's colors
4. Buy Brody school shoes

Maybe next week will be:
1. Work on potty training with Piper
2. Cook 2 new healthy meals that week
3. Read a chapter book each night before bed
4. Play board games with the kids during the day more

So all you moms out are doing a GREAT job, I know it! Give yourself a break and don't exhaust yourself by trying to do everything right now. You are already a Super Mom!



whitney said...

THX great post! I feel this way all the time!!

The Boyd Family said...

Thanks for posting this! It was very encouraging! :)

eva said...

One day at a time, I agree!
Great post.

The Shaft's said...

You rock! I was JUST telling my sister to set these small goal so her anxiety does not overwhelm her! I need to remember this for myself too.