Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my favorite decorations

I am selective of which artwork I keep at the end of every school year (this includes his two years at preschool). They do so many art projects, plus a bunch of different things for each holiday. I decided to keep the most traditional pieces, like these pumpkins for Halloween. You know kids always do at least one pumpkin every year! The center one was done his first year of preschool and the other two were done last year. Aren't they cute? And by keeping them, they make great decorations in our home during Halloween. For this picture I lined them up, but normally I have them in different spots. I love them because they are so festive and they make me so happy to look at! I can't wait to get this year's pumpkin to add to the collection. I also can't wait to get out his Thanksgiving and Christmas artwork to decorate this year too.

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